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12 февраля 2009, 00:27
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Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - No Bones For The Dogs

Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - No Bones For The Dogs

01. No Bones For The Dogs (Version of Why Birds Follow Spring)
02. I Stand Accused (Version of Easy Take It Easy / Babylon Too Rough)
03. Six Foot Six (Version of Burial)
04. I Am Not Ashamed (Version)
05. Su Su Version (Version of Su Su Pon Rasta)
06. Burning Version (Version of Burn Babylon)
07. Roots Kunte Kintye (Version of Hypocrites)
08. Give It to Jah (Version of Heart and Soul)
09. The Road Is Rough (Version of Be The One / Time Will Tell)
10. No Man's Version (Version of Up Park Camp / No Man's Land)
11. War (Version of Studio One Medley)
12. War Is Over (Version of Tribal War)
13. Informer Version (Version of Jah Jah See Them a Come)
14. Fulfilment (Version of Two Sevens Clash / Prophecy Reveal)
15. Financial Business (Version of Commercial Business / Love Is Not a Gamble)
16. Alan: Hit By A. Larry (Version of Cool Out Son / Real Rock)
17. Earthquake (Version of Fight I Down)
18. Baldhead Bridge (12" Version)

Продолжительность: 1:02:22
Качество: CBR 192Кбит/с 44.1КГц Joint Stereo
Год выпуска: 2002
Размер: 85.6Мб

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